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In addition to work platforms, we also rent forklifts, telescoping forklifts, cranes, and construction machines. Take advantage of Germany's largest selection of rental devices 

Work platforms, lifting platforms, forklifts, and telescoping forklifts from SYSTEM LIFT

As an expert for work platform rental, we have provided you our services for over 35 years. The SYSTEM LIFT brand is the result of the fusion of over seventy medium-sized work platform rental companies. Our services include our own vehicle fleet, over 9,300 work platforms, 2,000 forklifts, and a dense network of rental companies, and through our fusion, we are able to offer you, the customer, optimal use and a large assortment of devices, which include diverse work platforms available to you for rent. As a public company, we also remain competitive for the long term and are able to achieve our top priority: meeting your needs. Through our numerous years of experience, you also benefit from extensive consulting and support services.

Rent work platforms and operate them safely

The safe handling of work platforms is another aspect that is very important to our lifting platform rental business. We complete System Card operator training courses at our partner companies at regular intervals so that you and your employees can not only rent the working platforms in our assortment, but also so that they also work free of accidents. After passing our examination, you receive your personal operating certificate from SYSTEM LIFT lifting platform rentals, and System Card training courses are completed according to legal principles and entitle you to operate lifting platforms across Germany and Europe.

You'll find what you need in our extensive assortment

No matter what work you need to take care of at your construction site or production area, you can rent the right work platform from us to move your project forward, even under the most difficult conditions of use, because we offer the most diverse work devices for you to rent: Our range of rentals includes railer work platforms, truck work platforms, and articulating telescoping work platforms, forklifts and telescoping forklifts, scissor and special work platforms, and caterpillar cranes, cranes, vertical lifts, and rolling scaffolding.

Germany-wide rental

Because we are represented at over seventy locations, you can take advantage of the services of our reliable lifting platform rental companies in the various regions of Germany and rent work platforms from nearly anywhere. If you have questions about lifting platform rentals and the operation of these devices, then please call us at +49 (0)511/69 60 34 30. Our skilled employees and work platform partners are happy to help you. For concrete inquiries, you can also contact us via the contact form.

There are rental stations with work platforms, lifting platforms, and cherry pickers in: Würzburg, Castrop-Rauxel, Ingolstadt, Baden-Baden, Pritzwalk, Göppingen, Magdeburg, Erlangen, Rüsselsheim, Konstanz, Crailsheim, Augsburg, Waghäusel, Neuenkirchen, Paderborn, Luckenwalde, Dresden, Münster, Kassel, Riesa, Lübeck, Saara, Werne, Jena, Markgröningen, Ottweiler, Rathenow, Nagold, Gelmeroda, Wuppertal, Saalfeld, Neu-Ulm, Hochkirch, Aschheim, Guteneck, Rheinfelden, Burbach, Halle, Bad Birnbach, Drochtersen, Krauthausen, Eisenach, Polch, Hildesheim, Oldenburg, Neufarn, Oberndorf, Linden, Giessen, Zurich, Fulda, Hanover, Hof, Cologne, Bocholt, Aschäffenbürg, Berlin, Ludwigsfelde, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and much more.